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It seems to me now that the plain state of being human is dramatic enough for anyone; you don’t need to be a heroin addict or a performance poet to experience extremity. You just have to love someone.
— Nick Hornby, How to Be Good (via observando)



Every little girl flies.

This picture is the reason I’m alive now.
She was afraid of these things that made her suddenly wonder who she was, and what she was going to be in the world, and why she was standing at that minute, seeing a light, or listening, or staring up into the sky: alone.
— Carson McCullers (via silence-des-etoiles)

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For you, I know I’d even try to turn the tide.
— Johnny Cash (via nothailey)

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I find dirty hands completely attractive

I’m a mechanic so mine always are;) lol

Jacob Collins, 1964